Michael Hobbes

Michael Hobbes

Journalist & Animator

Contributing editor and producer at Highline. Former human rights consultant.

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Human rights 2 article
Foreign Policy

One Buzzword at a Time

How corporations, activists, and politicians turned the language of human rights into meaningless babble

Img 0611 article
Foreign Policy

The Untouchables

Based on some work I did in Zimbabwe. The worst multinational corporations aren't Shell and Monsanto. They're companies you've never heard of.

Open uri20160413 18446 d8cdw9 article
Foreign Policy

Calvinball in Cairo

The best guide to the chaos of Egyptian politics is Hobbes. No, not Thomas Hobbes -- Calvin and Hobbes. Analysts have been arguing since the…...

Open uri20160413 18446 q1d5mb article
Foreign Policy

After U.S. Negotiations, Assad Releases American Photographer

An American held in Syria since 2012 has been released....

Open uri20160413 18446 v4ps51 article
Foreign Policy

What Would the Soviets Say About Michael Brown?

From Birmingham to Ferguson, a brief history of how racial tensions at home have undermined America abroad....

Open uri20160413 18446 gotxl2 article
Foreign Policy

After 15 Years, Argentina Agrees To Pay Back U.S. Creditors

Argentina ends 15 years in the financial wilderness after agreeing to pay its debts....

Open uri20160413 18446 1cwg65z article
Foreign Policy

Another ISIS Leader Down as U.S. Accelerates War

Marines in Iraq in combat as Special Ops and warplanes hunt ISIS leaders...

Open uri20160413 18446 jycmtl article
Foreign Policy

Long-Awaited Senate Plan Would Require Companies Be Able to Decrypt On Demand

A bill written by the top senators on the Intelligence Committee escalates Washington's war with Silicon Valley over encryption....

Open uri20160413 18446 1gdf4v6 article
Foreign Policy

This Chart Shows the U.S. Economy Might Be In Better Shape Than Voters Think

U.S. stocks have roared back after a horrible start to the year, but voters haven't noticed....

Foreign Policy

The Cable

The Cable « | Foreign Policy | the Global Magazine of News and Ideas....

Open uri20160413 18446 myygkz article
Foreign Policy

Live-Blog Day 2: Tracking the Fallout of the Brussels Attacks

Foreign Policy is tracking the second day of breaking news out of Brussels....

Open uri20160413 18446 1coxf9r article
Foreign Policy

Trump on Top Aide’s Battery Charge: Reporter Actually Assaulted Me

The Republican presidential front-runner took to Twitter to defend campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and threaten a lawsuit....

Open uri20160413 18446 kr9r28 article
Foreign Policy

The U.S. Isn’t Ready for Something That Could Drastically Change the Global Economy

The Panama Canal expansion is nearly done. Unfortunately, U.S. port cities on the East Coast are nowhere close to ready for it....

Open uri20160413 18446 st44fu article
Foreign Policy

Squandered Progress in Pakistan

Encouraging things are happening in Pakistan, but an enabling environment for extremism and other problems within society threaten this very real progress....

Foreign Policy

Breaking News

Breaking News « | Foreign Policy | the Global Magazine of News and Ideas....