Michael Hobbes

Michael Hobbes

Journalist & Animator

Contributing editor and producer at Highline. Former human rights consultant.

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I Was a Teenage Narc

The surreal two years I worked for the Washington State Liquor Control Board, busting 7-11s for selling beer to my friends.

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How Capitalism Explains Why Processed Food is Bad for You — The Billfold

by Michael Hobbes ¶ I make a mean marinara sauce....

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How My Danish Friend Paid Off His Debt By Becoming A Gay Prostitute — The Billfold

by Michael Hobbes ¶ Henrik was in debt. ¶ Not crushing or ruinous or inescapable debt, the kind that makes you ignore letters in your…...

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What Happens When One of Your Coworkers Dies — The Billfold

by Michael Hobbes ¶ The first thing that happens is someone tells you....

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Britain Discovers Food Banks, Can’t Decide If It Likes Them — The Billfold — Medium

by Michael Hobbes ¶ Joanna has sugary cups of tea in place of meals....

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Detroit Would Rather You Not Take Pictures of Its Ruins — The Billfold

by Michael Hobbes ¶ Like probably everyone else, I came across Drew Philp’s essay, “Why I Bought A House In Detroit For $500,” when…...

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The Best Headphone Songs I Bought in 2013 — The Billfold

by Michael Hobbes ¶ When we write the history of how technology has made us happier, I hope there’s a whole chapter about headphones....

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‘Avoiding the Treadmill’ and Letting Stress Win: A Commencement Speech — The Billfold — Medium

by Michael Hobbes ¶ The best advice and the worst advice I’ve ever gotten were three words long....

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My Landlord Ratted Me Out to the Cops — The Billfold — Medium

by Michael Hobbes ¶ The door buzzer rings at 7 a.m....


Think Again: The Peace Corps

In the eyes of Americans, no government agency better exemplifies the optimism, can-do spirit, and selfless nature of the United States than the Peace Corps.…...


An Open Letter to The Girl I Pretended to Have a Crush on in Eighth Grade — This Happened to Me — Medium

Dear Tracy Dolan, ¶ Every gay teenager has a different strategy for surviving adolescence....

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Cyber Power: A Personal Theory of Power — The Bridge — Medium

Opportunity, Leverage, and Yet…Just Power...

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52 things I learned in 2015 — Medium

This year I got an amazing new job (at Fluxx) and continue to be surprised by the number of things still to be learned in the world....