Michael Hobbes

Michael Hobbes

Journalist & Animator

Contributing editor and producer at Highline. Former human rights consultant.

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I Misremember the 90s: Sexual Harassment

Video series for Highline. The untold history of the Anita Hill hearing—and the real reason we spent the 1990s talking about sexual harassment.

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The Epidemic of Loneliness Among Gay Men

Despite years of social progress, gay men have the same sky-high rates of suicide, mental illness and substance abuse they've had for decades

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Foreign Policy

One Buzzword at a Time

How corporations, activists, and politicians turned the language of human rights into meaningless babble

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How Does America Vet Refugees?

A short video on the refugee vetting process: "It's harder to come to the U.S. as a refugee than through any other route."

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This Is How It Ended

Personal essay about the breakup that made me, briefly, a crazy person.

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The human rights violations we're powerless to prevent

Video based on my FP article. How consumer boycotts can't reach the worst corporate human rights violations.

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Foreign Policy

The Untouchables

Based on some work I did in Zimbabwe. The worst multinational corporations aren't Shell and Monsanto. They're companies you've never heard of.

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Why Do Megaprojects Fail?

Video: From Boston's Big Dig to San Francisco's Bay Bridge, big infrastructure projects always take too long and cost too much. So why do we keep doing them?

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How Mark Zuckerberg Should Give Away $45 Billion

I asked 40 development experts how they think Mark Zuckerberg should donate his money to charity. Answer: It's complicated.

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Brexit, Explained

Animation: What would happen if Britain left the European Union? Here's the three most likely scenarios

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The Huffington Post

The Millennium Development Goals Sucked. But That's OK.

The MDGs revitalised development, coordinated donors and rallied the public. So why does everyone hate them so much?

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Why is it so hard to prioritize development goals?

Governments make trade-offs between funding and the well-being of their populations all the time. It's only in development that we make that impossible.

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The Myth of the Ethical Shopper

Buying better clothing is never going to end sweatshops. Here's why.

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Topsy the Elephant

Adaptation of a John Haskell short story.

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The Billfold

The Zone

A love story set on Nigeria's largest free trade zone. And it's true!